Since 1992

Tec Ar Flor

Tec Ar Flor, was founded in 1992 as a company specializing in the design and production of florist accessories aimed exclusively at wholesalers and has established itself in the market by offering quality, innovation and functionality, facilitating the execution of floral arrangements and reducing their timing.

Tec Ar Flor products are distinguished by their practicality of use, cost-effectiveness and high aesthetic qualities as well as a wide range of basic items: flower holders, saucers, centerpieces, balconies, pins, cages, trays, sponge holders, pot covers, bowls, cleaners, polishes, glues, adhesive tapes,despinarose, wreath tips, vials and many more.

Tec Ar Flor signs the design, meticulously designs the molds and manufactures the finished product.Tec Ar Flor's in-depth knowledge of the industry and constant comparison with professionals working in it has allowed, over the years the development of a wide range suitable for every need, even the most specialized.
The ideal partner

Wide range

And it is with this in mind that Tec Ar Flor wanted to take a new path by expanding its range with a new production, the flower sponge, to satisfy its clientele already using plastic accessories. The sponge, innovative in formulation, functional in the florist's activity and of absolute quality, is offered in two versions: HYDRO for fresh flowers and DRY for dried flowers by making different shapes such as spheres, cones, wreaths, hearts and elements upon customer request.

Service is what makes the difference, Tec Ar Flor has always prioritized the logistical aspect, equipping its range with practical and appropriate packaging to satisfy customers and guarantee a product always in perfect condition. Tec ar Flor aims to become the ideal partner of every professional in the sector, supporting them in the continuous challenges that the market imposes with a view to constant and mutual growth.